The Property Tax Solution chosen by Industry Leaders to more efficiently run their firms and to achieve exceptional results for their clients.
Property Data Cloud
The Knowledge Within Property Data Cloud!

PDC’s team consists of Property Tax Valuation Experts, Real Estate Broker, Master Degree Programmers / Engineers, as well as State Certified Appraisers on our Advisory Board. Together, we have a combined 60+ years of experience in the property tax industry.

Property Data Cloud Solutions

  • Sales Approach integrated with Commercial and Residential Third Party data
  • Rent Equity integrated with Commercial and Apartment Third Party data
  • Customized Income Models and Pro Forma Statements
  • Equal and Uniform integrated with Appraisal District data
  • Interactive GIS (ESRI) Tools and Maps integrated with Google Maps
  • Personal Property Management
  • Administration Tools – e.g. P&L, Rent Roll and Asset List Requests/Tracking, Appointment of Agent forms, Hearing Schedules, Contract Management, Custom Correspondence, and Invoicing
  • Secure and Audit Tax Bill
  • Document Management

Why Property Data Cloud?

  • Reduce Labor Costs of manually collecting assessments and tax rates
  • Save time performing valuations
  • Reduce property tax liability by accurately assigning comps
  • Mitigate risk of  missed appeals and hearings
  • Increase data integrity by managing all property tax valuations and data in one central repository
  • Increase Automation by electronically processing/managing: valuation and hearing appeal packages; appointment of agent (AOA), contracts, hearing schedules, client correspondence; request and track collection of property information requests (P&L, Rent Rolls, and Asset Lists); as well as invoicing
  • Provide Technology Scalability by aggregating data provided by the Assessors and Third Party Data providers within the property tax management tool (Property Data Cloud), thereby reducing bottlenecks, and streamlining your business processes
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing employees the tools to perform tasks in a more timely manner; thus reducing hours worked and stress related to the job
  • Produce Accelerated Business Growth through increased automation and efficiencies
Who is Benefitting from Property Data Cloud?
Currently, PDC’s client base consists of 55+ property tax consulting firms who utilize the software solution to create accurate, explainable and defendable valuations; reduce data entry errors; and replace inefficient manual processes, with time-saving streamlined, automated processes.

Customer Testimonials

“Technology can be a great enabler.  When applied correctly, it complements the Consultant’s ability and will improve the valuation process, reduce costs, and increase opportunities. Property Data Cloud and their team of experts share the same goal. They commit to integrating PDC with your processes to deliver results. I think what sets them apart is their understanding of property tax and desire to constantly improve the solution. That’s something they are really good at.” Tom Rawlston

Sr. Vice President, Marvin F. Poer and Company

“Our partnership with Property Data Cloud has enhanced our data platform, assisting our firm in achieving exceptional results for our clients. Property Data Cloud is a valued partner, and highly recommended.” Michael Flynn

President, Southland Property Tax Consultants, Inc.

“Property Data Cloud service is the single largest time saving tool that M. M. Mason & Co., LLC has acquired in the 21 years we have been in business.” Mike Mason

CEO - Senior Property Tax Consultant, MM Mason & Co., LLC

“Property Data Cloud really streamlined our hearing process and gave us tools we never had in numerous counties.” Jason Rodriguez

CEO - Senior Property Tax Consultant, Harding and Carbone

“Property Data Cloud is wonderful when preparing properties to present either informally at the CAD or formally to the ARB.  The end product is of the highest quality and the presentation is very clean.  The more I use it, the more it is becoming an invaluable tool to me and others in our company.” Chad S. Blacklock

Execute Vice President, United Paramount Tax Group, Inc.

“Mattox Terrell & Associates has used Property Data Cloud for five years.  We have found it to be an invaluable tool in preparing our appeal packages as well as marketing.  Their product team is very knowledgeable in the property tax industry and customer service has been excellent.  PDC has consistently refined their program to accommodate any changes required to meet the needs of a changing property tax environment.” Clint Terrell

Mattox Terrell & Associates, Inc.

“Property Data Cloud provides quick access to multiple value work-up possibilities for property tax appeals. Our clients love the reports and it is easy to explain to appraisers and ARBs.  We access data in a few moments; that in previous years, took hours of research.” Karen Pace

CEO - Senior Property Tax Consultant, Pace Property Tax Services

“PDC is truly a “value added partner” with us in every sense of the word. For our clients, PDC provides information and platforms that allow us to analyze our clients’ properties in great depth. Income and sales comparison approaches, as well as credible equity analyses, are among PDC’s capabilities. For Morrison & Head, PDC saves us time and provides us professional level appeal case presentations and reports to clients.

PDC is not just a tool. PDC is a Team of property tax professionals that come from a Texas property tax background. They understand our business, our needs, and the services and benefits we need to provide to our clients. They have worked diligently to accommodate our special requests and we value highly our personal and professional relationship with them.” Steve Laas

Morrison & Head, LP